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Double SL Holdings TA Water World Pro (PTY) LTD is a company that is both a market supplier and distributor with a range of services that offers great SABS-approved products at the most affordable costs.

Scientific Services
We at Double SL are passionate about the environment and excel in the Science of Water such as Hydrology; Geohydrology; Water Quality; Stormwater Management; and Different Legislative Compliances for diverse clientele.

Water Material Supply

Offering quality SABS-approved locally manufactured uPVC, mPVC, HDPE, water pumps, and related fittings.

Stormwater Pipe Supply

Providing material and installation services for Bulk Distribution Pipelines, Water Reticulation Networks, and Sewer Reticulation Networks.

Support and Maintenance

An experienced team of professionals is always ready to provide technical support, maintenance operations, and project management services to clients.


Strong capabilities in the design, operation, and maintenance of water distribution, stormwater, and wastewater collection systems.

Water Use Licenses

We provide a complete solution in terms of WULA including Specialist Studies to ensure that our clients can focus on the success of their businesses while fully compliant to the national Water Act by having their water use authorized. This include: Water and Waste Water Treatment Works, Mining, Agriculture, and Industrial water uses.

Water Quality Monitoring

We design Water Quality Monitoring Plans to meet the requirements for your specific water uses. This may include:
• Biological Parameters
• Chemical Parameters; and
• Physical
Assist Clients with responses to directives and compliance notices from state organs

Hydrological Services

We offer services as follows:
• Flood line Studies.
• Stormwater Management Plans
• Water Balance


We are Specialist in:
• Groundwater Studies
• Groundwater Monitoring
• Borehole Siting (Geophysical Investigations)
• Borehole Drilling and equipping


A reliable partner with a
proven track record

Our commitment to using only quality material and being customer-centric is our biggest strength.

SABS-approved products

B-BBEE Level 1

Registered Eskom
Vendor NO: 110934

Certified ISO 9001:2015

Locally manufactured

Registered FSP NCRCP16814


OUR Solutions

Customer Focused Solutions

ISO Services

DSL aims to simplify the process of implementing ISO standards by using the combined experience of our consultants to develop an effective Quality Management System.

Support & Maintenance

We are property developers who empower communities through property development while creating shared value through our property investment.

Stormwater Pipes Supply

Offering quality locally manufactured HDPE pipes for different applications such as above-ground pipelines, Sewer Pipelines, and Water Supply lines.


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