About DSL Holdings

Committed to Delivering Great Customer Experience



Supply exceptional material in a professional and cost-effective way that will create a market footprint, with a strong culture of job creation.


  • Creating a company that will subscribe fully to its values and vision
  • Have a house that will bring different skills in Civil Work and deliver on them
  • Promote adequate working relationships with our current and future competitors
  • Add value to the current Water Material Supply in the country by becoming a reliable company that promotes professional services
  • Create a Skills Strategy to enable market growth
  • Subscribe to ECSA, BEE, and Legislation


  • Customer relationship
  • Product range availability
  • Total Quality Assurance
  • Cost-effective materials at market-related pricing

Founded in 2015

Our story

Reliable technical partner in
water products

Double SL Holdings TA Water World Pro was founded in 2015, with a strong view to contribute to the country’s manufacturing sector by ensuring that mainly locally made products are marketed and distributed to the right clientele at all times. Ensuring sound-built and efficient maintenance through SABS-approved locally manufactured water and wastewater pipes, fittings, valves, and meters.

We are also an approved Financial Services Provider (FSP) with registration number NCRP16814.

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